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The jump shot


Mastering the basketball’s most powerful weapon – the jump shot

In the game of basketball, the most powerful weapon, offensively, is a jump shot.  Having an effective jumper allows you to extend the defense, be a threat at crunch time, score at will, earn the defenders respect, etc.  To start off, we need to learn and remember the basics.  There is an acronym that we use in the basketball world to remember the fundamentals of a jump shot.  We use B.E.E.F as a starting point to get the basics down.  Let me explain what B.E.E.F stands for and why it’s important:

1. Balance

Having a strong base is the first aspect of a perfect jump shot.  After all, a jump shot begins with your lower body, not your upper body.  Having great balance means your legs should be shoulder width apart and your shooting foot should be slightly ahead of your non-shooting foot.  So, if you shoot with your right hand, then your right foot should be about a few inches in front of your left foot.  Next, your knees should be slightly bent.  Your feet and shoulders should be aligned with the basketball hoop.  If you have someone available, you should have them give you a soft push.  If you are wobbly, then that means your not balanced.  If you hold strong, that means you have a solid base and are ready for the next step.

2. Eyes

This is pretty obvious, right?  You need to look at the basket to shoot.  What you should be looking at is a personal choice.  You can look at the front of the rim, middle or back.  Personally, I’ve always looked at the back because more of my shots fall short than long.  The key is to be consistent with what your target is and only concentrate on that spot (not the ball, your hand or anything else).all-phase

3. Elbow

Keeping your elbow in will allow you to get the forward, straight motion you need when shooting a jump shot.  Your elbow should be aligned with the basket at a 90-degree angle.  The angle will allow you to have your hand on the ball in order to create a snap of the wrist.  To be in control, the ball should be resting on the pads of your fingers with your off-hand on the side to help guide the shot.

4. Follow Through

The follow through is the key to a perfect jump shot.  If you watch players with great jumpers, you will often see them leave the hand high in the air until the ball has reached the rim.  After the ball leaves your hand, your arm, wrist and hand should resemble a goose neck.  Another way to look at it is your arm should look like you are taking a cookie from a cookie jar in the top cabinet.  The purpose of a follow through is to make sure you’re guiding the ball through the basket!

Start with the legs


Your jump shot does not start with the wrist; it starts with the lift in your legs. You need to bend your knees to get the proper strength to shoot a basketball. A word of advice for young shooters, you don’t need to show off how high you can jump when shooting a basketball. I see so many young basketball players trying to get a high, unnecessary, lift when they struggle to reach the rim because they are off balance. Instead, work on the mechanics and jump, so you are comfortable.


Basic steps for increasing vertical leap


Does jumping higher make you a better basketball player? Sometimes, you can gain a huge advantage if you are more athletic than your opponent. Jumping higher usually means more buckets near the rim, fewer shots blocked, more rebounds, more shots you block and more positions from loose balls in the air. Jumping higher does not cure bad basketball at all, it only improves your skills. Before you dedicate yourself to increasing your vertical leap, you need to establish fundamental skills in shooting and dribbling. However, if you have already mastered these, you can start with vertical leap exercises.


Before you prepare to practice or play a basketball game, you need to make a habit of stretching. Warming up your muscles allows you to avoid injury and makes you much more flexible. It is especially important before trying to increase your vertical jump. You will find that a stiff body decreases your ability get off the ground and increases the chances of getting hurt.

Wearing the right sneakers


Getting the right kind of sneakers is crucial to your basketball game. You don’t want your sneakers to be too stiff, but at the same time, you don’t want them to be too flexible. A great sneaker is one that bends with your movements, has enough sole that allows you to play the game longer (without hurting your heel) and supports your ankle. Many people opt for Jordans, but you can also find great Adidas or Reebok shoes. Try different ones to see which shoes suits you best.

Patience & consistency

Let’s face reality here; jumping takes hard work and a lot of time. If you think these tips and other programs will help you dunk in 7 days, you are wrong. It may take months to see any results but will be a great asset to your basketball game. Many people give up on these exercises due to slow progress of getting bigger vertical leap, and they say that you cannot increase your leap if you don’t have it naturally. It is not true – the truth is that they are not patient

Losing weight (if necessary)


If you need to shed some pounds, then do so before improving your jumping ability. A lean, healthy body is a great advantage to maxing out your leap. If you need to loose some fat, make it a habit of running every day for at least 30 minutes. Running paired with a healthy diet can do wonders for your body type and even boost your abilities.

Jump Roping

Jump roping is a great workout to build lean, fast leg muscles. When jump roping, you are constantly using light, quick jumps on your toes which builds muscles in your calves and other areas of your legs. Not only will jump roping increase your jumping, but it will also increase your quickness, a win-win! This is one of the best vertical leap exercises, and it must be a part of your practice.




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