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Choosing The Perfect Football Boot


For a football player, a boot could be a costly investment. That’s why choosing the perfect pair of football boots is very important so you can get your money’s worth.

As the owner of Boot Centre, I am always being asked for my opinion by my customers. Here’s how I choose the perfect football boots before making a purchase:

Know your position


First, of all, you need to identify the position that you want to play. It is important because every single position has their unique requirements for a boot. It is not the same if you play forward or if you are a goalkeeper.

If you play as a forward, the perfect boot should be light and supports sudden burst of speed. It should also provide protection for your feet for crunching tackles that defenders will give you. For me, the best boots for forwards are the adiZero, Mercurial, and Hypervenom series.

Playing as a midfielder, your boots should offer consistency and comfort. The boot should enhance your passing, receiving and dribbling ability as well. Overall, the boot should help you to be in total control of the ball. For me, the adiPure, Predator, Tiempo and Mercurial series are the best boots for this position.

For defenders, who defends as if their lives depends on it, their perfect boot should also promote comfort and consistency. The boot that they should wear should also promote great first touch and passing skills, especially the long balls. For this type of players, the best boot for me should be the adiPure, Predator, Nitrocharge, Mercurial and Tiempo series.

As a goalkeeper, you need to be quick and agile. Saving goals and keeping a clean sheet is not an easy task. That’s why your boot should provide quickness and comfort. The best boot for this position should be the adiPure, Predator, Nitrocharge, and Tiempo series.

Identify your needs

Are you a wide-footed player? Do you require speed over power? Do you need more control than speed? These are the things that you should also consider. With today’s technology, different boot manufacturers offer different features to match every players’ needs. So, identify your needs and find the perfect boot available in the market.

Have a budget

Nike and Adidas provide different levels of boots. For example, the Tiempo series offers Genio (low-end), Legacy (mid-end) and Legend (high-end) boots, where each one is aimed for the different style of play. The Hypervenom series has the Phelon, Phatal and Phantom models. Every model has different price and materials. Find the perfect boot that suits your needs and of course your budget.

Some players wear their boots for the sake of style. Other choose boots depending on their features and price. No matter what your reason is, choosing the perfect boot is critical if you want to be a good player. It will affect your play and your pocket in a major way possible.




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