Our team consists of a few highly-skilled and recognized writers who attended to some of the most important games in MLB, NBA, NFL, MLS, as well as other leagues. Also, we have few writers who are specialized in European football leagues, which means that you will have a clue what is going on in European leagues first hand. Since segcordoba2015 has been existing more than 6 years, we managed to gather only professional writers, whose stories will give you a unique experience and excitement. We also have a kind of our fan shop, where you can buy a various sports memorabilia - from signed balls, to sneakers that were worn by some retired hall of fame star. For more information, please contact us through webmail and we will try to help you as much as we can.


Sport is a part of our everyday lives to that point that we have to stay updated with some of the latest news from this world. We dedicated this website to all real fans of baseball, basketball and football but also to other people who would like to know some facts from this sphere. You will find here a lots of articles, interesting facts, predictions, detailed analysis that will give you a better insight into the whole matter. Also, you will find "throwback articles" ocassionally, where our writers will reminisce about some of the golden moments in a certain sport, either from the first-hand experience or through memories, stories and photos.


Thankfully to our experts who will make sure to target the most suitable audience, hundreds of new clients will be walking at your door in a very short time.

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